25 cm (10") Z-Series Component Subwoofer

  • 25 cm (10") Z-Series Component Subwoofer
  • 1,300W Max Power
  • Large Size Magnet
  • High-Resolution Audio
  • 4-Layer Copper Voice Coil Wire
  • Polyimide Voice Coil Bobbin
  • Twaron® Aramid Fiber + Cellulose Fiber Dual Layer Cone Construction

key selling points

  • Fully refined "Simple and Easy"-inspired interface provides more flexible, easy operation and more engaging user experience.
  • Through the receiver display, you can seamlessly access various audio and video content stored in a wirelessly connected smartphone by using Wireless Mirroring function.
  • With built-in Wi-Fi, you can use Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Wireless the best means of operating a smartphone through a car entertaiment system without a connection cable, for greater freedom from clutter and complication.
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TS-Z10LS2 Subwoofer: 1,300W High Power

The TS-Z10LS2 is certified and designed to maximize the sound performance of High-Resolution Audio, experience music as the artist intended, with an unrivaled level of audio fidelity that transcends traditional audio formats.

Dual Spider Design: Extended Voice Coil

By incorporating an innovative Twaron® aramid fiber driver and dual-layer construction, Pioneer is able to boost the power handling of the Z-Series subwoofers, while minimizing audible distortion even when playing back bass-heavy soundtracks.

Large Size Double Stacked Magnet

With a 15% larger magnet than conventional 10” subwoofers, it has a higher magnetic strength, allowing for greater magnetic flux density which enables the voice coil to move with greater control and accuracy and an improved linearity and reduced distortion. With an oversized motor structure, TS-Z10LS2 can handle higher power levels and generate greater cone excursion, resulting in a more dynamic bass output and allows the reproduction of low frequencies with more authority and impact to deliver an immersive audio experience.

4-Layer Cooper Voice Coil

The 4-layer voice coil wire configuration enhances power handling, thermal management, and magnetic field strength compared to dual-layer coils. While copper has higher electrical conductivity than aluminum, which leads to lower resistive losses and more efficient copper has higher electrical conductivity, which leads to lower resistive losses and more efficient power transfer. This allows for improved power handling capabilities and overall system efficiency. t power transfer. This allows for improved power handling capabilities.

Dual Layer Cone Material

The Aramid Fiber Cloth layer adds strength and rigidity to the cone, allowing it to handle high power levels and maintain its shape under stress, ensuring long-term reliability even during demanding use. The Cellulose Fiber layer, on the other hand, contributes to the cone’s natural acoustic properties. This material is known for its ability to provide a warm and smooth sound reproduction, allowing the subwoofer to accurately reproduce low frequencies with clarity and natural tonal balance. By incorporating both Aramid Fiber Cloth and Cellulose Fiber layers, the TS-Z10LS2 dual-layer cone design can offer a balance between strength and acoustic performance.


Size25 cm (10")
Maximum Music Power1300 W
RMS400 W
Frequency Response20 Hz to 3,800Hz
Sensitivity ( 1W / 1m )80 dB
ImpedanceSingle 2Ω
Mounting Depth81 mm
Cut-Out Dimensionsø231 mm
Resonance Frequency35 Hz
Xmax9.5 mm
Magnet Weight1,920 g
Voice Coil Diameter55 mm
Recommended Enclosure16.98 liters

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