Compact Active Subwoofer

Pioneer Compact Active Subwoofer: Where Size Defies Expectations

Pioneer Compact Active Subwoofer combines our engineering and technology with compact design, reshaping your car’s soundstage with space-saving brilliance. The TS-WX140DA is a revolutionary audio experience that pushes the boundaries of sound and design. Inspired by “The Spread of Sound,” this subwoofer combines sleek curves and captivating aesthetics that evoke a sense of movement. Just as the music moves your soul, the subwoofer’s design flows effortlessly, enhancing the overall sensory experience. Custom-tuned with Pioneer’s signature sound characteristic, TS-WX140DA provides a listening experience tailored to perfection, delivering heart-pounding bass that resonates deep within your soul.

  • Up to 170W High Power
  • Highly Efficient Class-D Amplifier
  • High Performance Components
  • Urethane Surround
  • Aramid Fibre Spider
  • Honeycomb Structure Design
  • Pioneer-tuned Sound Characteristics
  • Built-in DSP Chip with 3 Selectable Pioneer Custom-tuned Modes
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key selling points

  • Fully refined "Simple and Easy"-inspired interface provides more flexible, easy operation and more engaging user experience.
  • Through the receiver display, you can seamlessly access various audio and video content stored in a wirelessly connected smartphone by using Wireless Mirroring function.
  • With built-in Wi-Fi, you can use Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Wireless the best means of operating a smartphone through a car entertaiment system without a connection cable, for greater freedom from clutter and complication.
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TS-WX140DA: Sound and Design Reimagined

The TS-WX140DA is the ideal choice for boosting bass in your EV! Featuring a built-in high-efficiency 170W Class-D amplifier, it draws a maximum of just 4.3 amps, ensuring your bass addition won’t impact your vehicle’s mileage. The uniquely designed honeycomb structure enclosure, combined with Pioneer’s Digital Bass Control technology, enhances performance, delivering deep and powerful bass without the usual compromises.

The Spread of Sound Design with Pioneer Custom-tuned Modes

Designed to generate three selectable Bass Modes: DEEP, NATURAL and DYNAMIC, producing 170W of strong, rich, deep bass that you can feel, without giving up space. Users can easily control and customize the three bass modes directly from the supplied wired remote control, and you can easily mount the TS-WX140DA under the front seats or in the boot.

Optimized Class-D Amplifier with DSP

Class-D amplifier works by converting the audio signal into a digital pulse width modulation (PWM) signal. This digital signal is then amplified, filtered and delivered to the TS-WX140DA’s driver, resulting in powerful and precise bass reproduction. With high power output and minimal distortion, it delivers deep and impactful bass that brings your music, movies, and games to life. The dynamic range and clarity achieved by this technology ensure an immersive audio experience that surpasses expectations

Pioneer Custom-tuned Digital Bass Modes

Discover the distinct characteristics of different music genres with our custom-tuned DEEP or DYNAMIC modes. Experience the rich symphonic arrangements and intricate nuances of Classical compositions or the pulsating energy and electrifying beats of EDM. TS-WX140DA stands out from the competition with its remarkable performance by delivering higher dB sound pressure levels (SPL) and creating an immersive bass experience.

High Quality Coil

High-performance Coil that seamlessly restores the original signal’s pure sinusoidal waveform and ensures minimal distortion and preserves the original integrity of the sound, ensuring that the subwoofer is driven with uncompromising force, without any loss in quality.

High Quality FET

High-performance Field Effect Transistors (FET) with a margin of more than 7 times the output power.

Crafted to Perfection: Honeycomb Structure

Each Active Compact Subwoofer is an emblem of Pioneer’s precision design and engineering with a True Pioneer Sound Characteristics. With unwavering commitment to quality, every step of our manufacturing process adheres to the highest standards in our state-of-the-art facility, ensuring that each Active Compact Subwoofer is an emblem of precision engineering.


Size20 cm (8")
Maximum Music Power170 W
Frequency ResponseDEEP: 20 Hz to 200 Hz DYNAMIC: 40 Hz to 160 Hz NATURAL: 40 Hz to 200 Hz
Sensitivity ( 1W / 1m )DEEP: 95 dB DYNAMIC: 100 dB NATURAL: 98 dB
ImpedanceSingle 1Ω

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