6″ x 9″ 5-Way Speaker

Introducing the latest Pioneer A-Series, where the journey to sound mastery begins. Our proprietary sound technology, Open&Smooth™, is the heart of the A-Series, intelligently designed to conquer the unique challenges of sound reproduction within the car cabin. Feel the depth of bass, the crispness of vocals, and the clarity of every note as your music comes alive.

The A-Series strikes the perfect balance of performance and value without compromising on the captivating sound characteristics that will ignite your passion for music. Elevate your audio journey and embrace the evolution of automotive sound with the latest Pioneer A-Series.

  • 750W MAX / 150W RMS
  • Carbon And Mica Reinforced IMPP™ Cone
  • Big And Heavy Magnet - 840g
  • Large And Powerful Motor Assembly
  • Open & Smooth Sound Concept

key selling points

  • Fully refined "Simple and Easy"-inspired interface provides more flexible, easy operation and more engaging user experience.
  • Through the receiver display, you can seamlessly access various audio and video content stored in a wirelessly connected smartphone by using Wireless Mirroring function.
  • With built-in Wi-Fi, you can use Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Wireless the best means of operating a smartphone through a car entertaiment system without a connection cable, for greater freedom from clutter and complication.
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Revolutionary Carbon and Mica Reinforced IMPP Cone

The infusion of reinforcing agents elevates stiffness, ensuring precise cone movement and minimized distortion, surpassing conventional cones. Feel the deep, resonating bass notes pulsating through your body, immersing you in a world of pure audio bliss.

Specially Designed Diaphragm

Polyimide’s exceptional strength and lightweight properties enable the creation of diaphragms that are both robust and responsive. Meticulously engineered to reduce self-resonance and deliver an unparalleled frequency response. Its high heat resistance ensures optimal performance even during intense and prolonged listening sessions.

Superior Open & Smooth Sound Concept

Enhanced technology with improved sound directivity offering heightened level of audio immersion and clarity. With our proprietary Open&Smooth™ sound technology, specifically developed to overcome the challenges of sound reproduction in the car cabin.

Protection Mesh Grille

Fully covered mesh grille to protect the entire surface of the speaker cone from accidental damage and dust.

Pioneer Designed, Engineered, Custom-tuned and Manufactured

Each speaker is an emblem of Pioneer’s precision design and engineering with a True Pioneer Sound Characteristics. With unwavering commitment to quality, every step of our manufacturing process adheres to the highest standards in our state-of-the-art facility, ensuring that each speaker is an emblem of precision engineering.


Size6" x 9"
Maximum Music Power750 W
Magnet SizeΦ115 X 20
Frequency Response29 Hz to 31kHz
Cut-Out Dimensions153 mm x 222 mm
Mounting Depth86 mm
Magnet Weight840 g

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