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GM-D9705: Class-D Amplifier

Harnessing the power of advanced switching technology, Pioneer Class-D amplifiers power is efficiently transferred to the speakers, resulting in higher power output and minimal energy wastage, ensuring maximum efficiency and reduced heat generation. By leveraging the remarkable efficiency of Class-D technology, it allows us to design in a compact form factor, packing incredible performance into a smaller footprint. The compact and lightweight design allows for easy installation in any audio setup, making it perfect for car audio enthusiasts and on-the-go music lovers.

5 Channel Sound Set-up

Pioneer’s 5-channel, GM-D9705 Champion-Series amplifier produces impressive power in an all-in-one solution designed to deliver big sound without sacrificing space. Ideal for any vehicle including compact vehicles, the GM-D9705 also offers installation flexibility to suit your different needs.

Audiophile-grade Components

Built with advanced circuitry and a robust power supply, our amplifier guarantees enhanced voltage stability even in the most demanding conditions, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. Embrace the profound impact of lower impedance as our amplifier unleashes the full potential of your bass response. With increased current delivery to your subwoofers, revel in deeper, tighter, and more impactful bass that adds a new dimension to your audio experience.

Bass Level Optimization

Bass Level Optimization specifically focuses on the bass frequencies, allowing you to boost or cut the bass without affecting the rest of the audio signal. This targeted adjustment minimizes the risk of distortion, ensuring cleaner and distortion-free bass reproduction. Comes equipped with a Bass Boost (Remote) for optimal bass level adjustment according to listening preferences and music characteristics.

Pioneer Designed, Engineered, Custom-tuned and Manufactured

Each GM-D Amplifier is an emblem of Pioneer’s precision design and engineering with a True Pioneer Sound Characteristics. With unwavering commitment to quality, every step of our manufacturing process adheres to the highest standards in our state-of-the-art facility, ensuring that each GM-D Amplifier is an emblem of precision engineering.


Amplifier ClassClass-FD
No. of Channels5/3
Max.power output150 W x 4 (A-/B-Ch.) / 700 W x 1 (Subwoofer Ch. ) (4Ω) 200 W x 4 (A-/B-Ch.) / 1,200 W x 1 (Subwoofer Ch. ) (2Ω) 400 W x 2 (A-/B-ch Bridgedable ) (4Ω Bridged)
RMS power output75 W x 4 (A-/B-Ch.) / 350 W x 1 (Subwoofer Ch. ) (4Ω) 100 W x 4 (A-/B-Ch.) / 600 W x 1 (Subwoofer Ch. ) (2Ω) 200 W x 2 (A-/B-ch Bridgedable ) (4Ω Bridged)
Frequency Response10 Hz to 50 kHz (A-/B-Ch.) 10 Hz to 500 Hz (Subwoofer Ch.)
Impedance2Ω to 8Ω
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)<0.05% (A-/B-Ch.: 1 kHz) (Subwoofer Ch. : 100 Hz)
S/N Ratio>94 dB
Speaker Level InputYes
Automatic Signal Sensing and Turn-OnYes
Crossover TypeVariable HPF/LPF
Crossover Frequency40 Hz to 500 Hz
Bass Boost Frequency50 Hz (Subwoofer-Ch)
Baas Boost Level0 dB to 18 dB (Subwoofer-Ch)
Bass Boost RemoteYes (Subwoofer-Ch)
Dimensions302 mm x 60 mm x 215 mm

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