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New 6.8″ AV Receiver with Wireless/Wired Apple CarPlay, Wireless/Wired Android Auto and Mirroring by Weblink Cast with Short-cut Key and One-Touch button features. 

  • 6.8” Capacitive Touch-Screen
  • Apple CarPlay (Wireless or Wired Connection)
  • Android Auto (Wireless or Wired Connection)
  • Dual Phone Bluetooth
  • WebLink®/WebLink® Cast
  • Reverse Camera Input
  • 3 x 4V Pre-Outs
  • New 1-DIN Short Chassis Design
Screen Size / Din Size

See better, drive safer. Our 6.8” standard screen display provides an ultra-crisp viewing experience for all of your visual infotainment features, allowing you to easily follow navigation tools, view messages, and more without distracting you from the road ahead.

Capacitive Touch Panel

Enjoy true-to-life images with capacitive touchscreen, which is brighter and sharper, feels much more sensitive, supports multi-touch, and is easier to operate with a new Graphical User Interface.

Apple CarPlay™ (Wired/Wireless)

Apple CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone while you drive. You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and enjoy your favourite music, all on your in-car display. And CarPlay features even more app categories and wallpaper choices for an even more personalised experience.

Android Auto™ (Wired/Wireless)

Android Auto brings apps to your car display so you can focus while you drive. You can control features like navigation, calls, text messages, and music. Stay connected, get things done, and enjoy your time on the road with hands-free help from Google.

Weblink ® (Wired)

WebLink converts your vehicle into a connected car, allowing you to safely and easily enjoy your favorite smartphone apps on the go. No matter where you are, WebLink provides you with an in-vehicle experience that is tailored to you.

Smartphone Mirroring with Weblink Cast ® (Wired)

Enjoy ultimate flexibility and convenience during your drive with WebLink Cast, allowing you to project what’s shown on your smartphone directly onto the large, so you can check messages, notifications, respond to calls, and more.

Built-in Bluetooth

Features built-in Bluetooth ®, which enables hands-free calling and audio streaming. File Browsing can be used through AVRCP 1.5 version of Bluetooth. You can easily search songs in the browsing display. Hands-free calling features new Wideband Speech Hands-Free Profile (HFP 1.6), which nearly doubles the bandwidth for improved reception. Call quality reaches the level of FM reception.

Audio Codec (MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV and FLAC)

Unlock audio quality with MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, and FLAC codecs. Whether you’re streaming, downloading, or creating music, these cutting-edge technologies deliver superior audio encoding and playback across all your devices. Experience the richness of your favorite tunes in stunning detail and clarity, tailored to suit every listening preference.

Video Codec (WMV, MP4 and H.264)

Experience seamless video playback with WMV and MP4 formats, powered by the efficient H.264 codec. These technologies ensure high-quality video encoding and compression for versatile multimedia creation, sharing, and viewing across all devices and operating systems.

13-Band Graphic Equalizer

13-Band EQ adjustment allows you to adjust the frequency response of your audio system across 13 specific frequency bands. Each band represents a range of frequencies, and you can independently boost or cut the level of each band to tailor the sound to your preferences.


3 RCA Preout serves as an interface between your head unit and external audio components like amplifiers and/or subwoofer, enabling you to expand and enhance your audio setup for improved sound quality and customization.

USB Quick Charge for Smartphones

The USB port or charging adapter is designed to deliver a higher current of 1.5 amps (A) compared to standard USB ports, which typically provide around 0.5 to 1 amp. This higher current allows compatible smartphones to charge more quickly.

Rear-View Camera Input (Parking Assistance)

Back-up Camera Input-Ability to add a rear-facing camera for assistance with rear visibility.

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Standard 6.8” Capacitive WVGA Touchscreen Display

Highly responsive capacitive-sensing touch panel that features multiple touchpoints for maximum sensitivity, enabling smoother and easier operation.

Stay Connected, Everywhere with Smartphone Connectivity

Enhanced smartphone connectivity with Apple CarPlay™ (Wireless/Wired) to access an amazing world of apps.

Stay Connected, Everywhere with Smartphone Connectivity

Enhanced smartphone connectivity with Android Auto™ (Wireless/Wired) to access an amazing world of apps.

Stay Connected, Everywhere with Smartphone Connectivity

Works with WebLink® and WebLink® Cast to enjoy personalized interaction with your apps, music and videos

Connect Instantly with One-Touch

Experience a new dedicated Direct Key feature that allows you to open Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™  automatically with one-touch of a button.

Greater Convenience with Short-cut Key

Skip troublesome operational steps with easy short-cut keys for access to your EQ settings, WebLink® Cast, Radio Stations and more.

Unlock True Pioneer Sound with Easy Tuning

Equipped with new sound tuning features such as Manual Time Alignment, 3-Way Network Crossover and Listening Positioning for the perfect sound customization.

Elevated Excellence: Packed with Extra Features

When you shift the vehicle into reverse, parking assist guidelines appear in the display screen for convenient parking guidance.

Elevated Excellence: Packed with Extra Features

Able to seamlessly play video from files encoded in various digital formats that are stored in your easy to connect USB devices.

Elevated Excellence: Packed with Extra Features

File browsing can be used through AVRCP 1.6 version of Bluetooth® where you can easily search songs in the browsing display.

Pioneer Designed, Engineered, Custom-tuned and Manufactured

Each A-Series Multimedia AV Receiver is an emblem of Pioneer’s precision design and engineering with a True Pioneer Sound Characteristics.

Basic Functions

Display size & resolution6.8inch WVGA
Touch PanelCapacitive (Multi touch)
Short cut key & Direct key for CP&AAYes
Home screen CustomizationYes
Multi touch control (Android Auto)Yes


Manual Time AlignmentYes
3way network mode(Hi-Mid-SW)Yes
Listening PositionYes
Cross Over SettingsYes
Subwoofer settingsYes

Smartphone Connectivity

Apple CarPlayWireless / Wired
Android AutoWireless / Wired
Smartphone screen MirroringYes (Weblink)
Hands Free Dual phone connectionYes


Rear Monitor OutputYes
GPS AntennaYes


Size (Silver box)1DIN
Web browserYes (Weblink)

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